Going Nowhere Fast, 2019


Second skin, 2019

No Ball Games, 2019

Court Napping, 2019



Kieran Leach, Tech yourself before you w

Tech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself, 2018

Pimp My Plinth, 2018

Your backlit glow, your backlit flow 32s

Your Backlit Glow, Your Backlit Flow, 2018

All Eyes On Me, 2018

Kieran Leach

OKOKOK, 2018

Shadow Gap GhouL, 2018

Plinths Just Wanna Have Fun, 2017


On Top Form, 2018

Mid air don't care3.jpg

Mid-Air, Don't Care, 2018

It All Exists In Doubles, 2016

It All Exists In Doubles, 2016

That's Fuzzed Up, 2016

Boy Racer, 2017

Where is your beautiful life?, 2017

I'm on my own Tor2_edited.jpg

I'm On My Own Tor, Everything is Beautiful To Me, 2017

Shake Just A Liitle Bit Faster, 2016